2019 Competition

The 2019 Contest will be held at All Saints, Kingston upon Thames on Saturday 26th. October

Teams taking part: ASCY (2 bands), Cornhill, Croydon Surrey, Middlesex, St Paul's, SRCY, Southwark (2 bands), UL

Chief Judge: Jack Page

Test Piece: Yorkshire S, 12ths place at 6th LE, last 4 leads judged

                                  10.30 Welcome and Draw in Church

                                 11.00 - 15.00 Contest Ringing

                                 16.45 approx. Results n the Druid's Head

Pub: Druid's Head, 3 Market Place

Real Ales and Food available from 11.00 (Please buy only in the upstairs bar to meet guaranteed minimum spend)

                           Good Ringing and Good Fun.No strikeometer.