2019 Competition

The 2019 Competition was held at Kingston upon Thames on Saturday 26th October.  The Society of Royal Cumberland Youths retained the Whitechapel Trophy, their third win in a row.

 The full results together with recordings of the test pieces and band photos are available on this site.

2020 Competition

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the 2020 Competition, planned for Saturday 24th October  at St. Paul's Cathedral, was cancelled.

2021 Competition

At the invitation of the Rector, Rev'd. George Bush, the 2021 Competition will be held at St. Mary le Bow on Saturday 23rd October . The test piece will be three courses of Stedman Cinques, with the second two courses judged. The Chief Judge will be Richard Pullin. The Contest will be hosted by the College Youths.

The test piece can be downloaded from Test Touch.